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Selasa, 22 Oktober 2013

Angry Birds Friends v1.3.0 | Android

Angry Birds Friends v1.3.0 | Android

Angry Birds Friends v1.3.0 | Android  (Apk Android App Downloads, android, app store android)
Play Angry Birds with your friends... wherever you go!
In this FREE brand new game, you may use the mobile phone to help problem the Facebook close friends with the concept connected with greatest pig popper and also chook flinger! Play with each week competitions with all your close friends and discover whenever you can catch your desirable bronze, silver and gold trophies. Additionally, collect regular rewards, send and also get gifts, and also brag concerning the accomplishments! And when you’re taking part in Upset Wild birds Buddies in Facebook, the competition progress will routinely possibly be updated, so you can continue playing wherever you are!

What's New
A brand new update is here with a spooky Halloween tournament starting on October 23rd!
BRAND NEW HALLOWEEN TOURNAMENT!  Boo! Get into your Halloween night soul with this particular spooky, one-off competition starting off in October 23rd!
BRAND NEW ZOMBIE PIGS!Take your pigs, and then put them again! That’s suitable – Poor Piggies will rise within this completely new competition and also come back because crazy Zombie Pigs!
BRAND NEW CUSTOM SLINGSHOTS! Enhance the flinging strength and also enhance the report having an brilliant personalized slingshot. Buy it once and keep it forever!
Angry Birds Friends v1.3.0 | Android

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