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Senin, 28 Oktober 2013

Textra SMS v1.47 Apk | Android

Textra SMS v1.47 Apk | Android

Textra SMS v1.47 Apk | Android 
Textra SMS v1.47 Apk | Android  (Apk Android App Downloads, android, app store android)
Let's face the stock Android Messaging application really sucks! So occasion intended for some thing new, some thing pretty particular, correct? It is right here! It is named Textra; a feature wealthy full SMS and MMS replacement app.

Textra is a seriously the beautiful way to text a message.
Includes a bunch of great features like 800+ emoji's, animated GIFs,  substantially awesome swift response popup, far better MMS and GROUP messaging! As well as ohio simple per contact modification intended for bubble colours, supply reviews along with notices (icon shade, brought about shade, sound, vibrate pattern, solitude along with popup). Pleasant Darkish Setting likewise.

It is pretty bloody particular, check it out, explain to your friends, howl in the treetops all enjoy it!
Very Simple. Very Beautiful. Very Fast.

What's New
* BRAND NEW feature in the Brand New Message screen, Textra now shows pics of your android phone's favs to make it much very quicker to compose a brand new message!
* Bunch of bug are fixes associated with MMS force closing.
Change Log:

Textra SMS v1.47 Apk | Android

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